Rustic Table brings comfort food and home style dining to Pawley's Island.


Open Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 11-4
Supper: Tuesday - Sunday 5-9:30
Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 10- 3

Adam Kirby, Chef and Co-Owner

Adam Kirby, chef and co-owner of Bistro 217 in Pawleys Island, has successfully taken all of his culinary influences and created a diverse, Southern menu. "Growing up in Atlanta, I had the benefit of learning from two fantastic Southern cooks at a young age, my mother and grandmother." Chef Kirby later moved from Atlanta to Hawaii, where he fell in love with the cuisine on the islands and decided to pursue a career that mirrored his passion for cooking. Adam then moved to Portland, Ore., and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu of the Western Culinary Institute.

After his intense culinary training, Adam spent a number of years travelling the country while working for a number of renowned restaurants including Stars in San Francisco, Spice Canoe and the Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, and the Gasthaus Restaurant at the Widmer Brewery in Portland.

Today, Chef Kirby's menu at Bistro 217 exemplifies his culinary talents and wide-ranging influences. His style of cuisine is described as Southern and Pacific Rim by some, and described as delicious by all. Chef Kirby has been with the restaurant since it opened in 2004, and the menu has expanded quite a bit during the last six years. "I love to create new, exciting and flavorful dishes. I will often have a nightly special and will sometimes incorporate them into the menu permanently. I want to present a menu that has something for everyone, whether it is a lunch or dinner." In addition, Chef Kirby prides himself on utilizing consistently fresh ingredients and not cutting any corners. At Bistro 217, even the ice cream is homemade.

Anne Hardee, Co-Owner

Co-Owner of Bistro 217 and Rustic Table

Those who have spent quality time on the Waccamaw Neck – that famous stretch of surf, sand, marsh and rivers extending from Winyah Bay north to Murrells Inlet and Garden City – are probably familiar with long-time local, Anne Hardee. Co-Owner and COO of two of the region’s most lauded restaurants, her reputation as a restaurateur is rock solid.

Anne and her biz partner, Chef Adam Kirby, opened Bistro 217 in 2004. The new eatery was an immediate sensation. Some years later, they jumped at the chance to purchase another restaurant, formerly known as Island Deli. (Anne was one of the original owners there too!) The dynamic duo quickly set about transforming that Pawleys Island landmark into another called Rustic Table.

Managing two dynamic restaurants is no small feat, but Anne is up to the task. She is shrewd in business but very approachable, too. Her love of all things culinary has its roots in an Italian family where delicious food was appreciated. Later in life, she earned her professional chops the best way … in the restaurant business since her college years.

“I love my job,” she says. “There are a lot of moving pieces, but there’s a creative vibe and a strong service ethic among our staff that makes me proud. As to my role, I’d just say few people fully appreciate how multi-disciplined you must be to make everything come together seamlessly. Facing that challenge brings me pleasure, helps me grow and gives me drive.”

To be sure, managing the front of the house is a real plate-spinner. It encompasses customer service, hiring staff, managing cash flow, tracking inventory, designing the dining room and planning restaurant promotions. “Potential stressors are everywhere, so multi-tasking is crucial,” she explains.

Indeed, she can wrestle the numbers, a whirlwind of staff schedules and much more, then walk straight into a busy dining room and turn the world on with her smile.

Perhaps that is her greatest gift – an innate passion for making customers feel appreciated (and employees feel valued). That passion makes things happen. She delivers a lot of personal attention and builds real relationships, never seeing any guest as a one-time transaction. And somehow, she makes it look effortless.

Co-owner and mastermind in the kitchen, Chef Adam, has this to say: “I trust Anne completely.” Then he laughs. “She the godmother to my newest child, Eli, after all! … I don’t think there could be a better partner. She is smart, good looking and tough as nails. She knows people and keeps them all happy; you have to have that skill in this business!”

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